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We provide all the necessary tools for future communication. The up-to-date technology allows us to hold training, eCourses, presentations, meetings, negotiations and appointments without compromising on quality. All you need is a computer (or any other equivalent device as a tablet or cellphone) with a camera and microphone and an internet connection. 

Our  LL eLearning Platform is an all-in-one service.

There is a multi-channel video connection for meetings and conferencing. LIVE video streaming for Webinars and eCourses. 

Distances have lost its meaning. As an entrepreneur like you can negotiate deals on the other side of the country or the other part of the world, in real time. Introduce your products, working methods, instructions – all LIVE. Video conferencing brings all the meeting parties together, no matter where their physical location is: you can be in London, your designer in New York, the manufacturer in Shenzhen and the customer in Helsinki. 

In addition to the conference, a whiteboard, files, websites, chat can be displayed on the screen. No more driving around the country. Within a week, the fuel savings will allow you to buy a widescreen monitor and enjoy the freedom. You can reach the most distant corners of your country or the rest of the world. But still, you will always be at home in the evening.

On the same platform, you reach out to friends or gather relatives to spend time together. Hold a remote party live. And never worry about distance.

Meeting distantly but still closely brings positive vibes into both, your work and your free time.

Create online courses and presentations. Compared to the traditional offering of online courses, LIVE video connections always play a significant role in our service packages. Our customers have access to free software for creating online courses and presentations.

In order to market the products, the client can establish their own online store (free of charge). The content/product remains in the full copyright of the owner/client. LL eLearning Platform service provider will not obtain the rights for the product unless a separate agreement is settled. The client is fully responsible for the content they own, sell and promote on our website.

The products will also appear in the Shopping Center, where they can be found in their own categories. 

The entire promoting process will happen without any chargeable agreement for a third party. We will charge a provision for the effective sales only.  

In this store, we only sell immaterial products such as courses, books and recordings, for which the customer has the copyright as a producer, author, publisher, etc. In addition, valid brochures, paper books, manuals, maps, etc. are accepted.

Lite Lion Europe is part of the Lite Lion Group. The company has a long tradition in the field of electronics and information technology. Our telecommunication servers are located in France in a state-of-the-art data center, which is a great location for all our European customers. Producing video conferencing is one of the most challenging sectors in data transmission due to the large amount of data and high demands for the bandwidth.

Naturally, our goal is a future where an office opens every time a user switches on a laptop or a large video screen at a home office. Colleagues and business partners immersed into virtual reality choose the environment they like. As the importance of physical location is losing its definition, one person may have a sailboat in the background, the other a mountain peak. Several cameras and sensors control communication in a user-friendly way. 

The future is here now. Welcome, to the future!

The Future’s Computer
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