Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 15.9.2020

The delivery terms apply to the products and services that can be ordered on the en.edu.litelion.com website. Terms and Conditions are based on date 15.9.2020

The owner of the website is Lite Lion Europe, later “The Owner”.

The services are available to the subscriber immediately or within 1-2 working days, depending on the type of service. In the case of automatically installed services, the customer may download the information entitling to use as soon as the payment system detects the payment made. In service packages that require additional installations and individual changes, the delivery time depends on the material provided by the customer and its scope. Normal delivery time is 1-2 working days from the receipt of the material.

Customer material

If the service package includes special pages for the customer, please send images and texts by email to info@litelioneurope.com immediately after ordering. If there is an excess amount of material, you should first submit the material to receive an offer. We can also use archive images, so the name and dates of a person or company, for example, may be sufficient.

The copyright for all material and immaterial items remains in the custody of the client unless exceptions agreed. The terms of agreements should stay confidential from both sides. All materials and details of the client stay undisclosed from the side of The Owner. Exceptions apply on the mutual agreement or on legal reasons.    

Technical limitations

For services based on the functionality of data traffic, the responsibility of the site owner is limited to the price of the service. In case of a complete interruption of service due to a technical failure, denial of service attack or similar long-term inconvenience, the amount of compensation will be determined according to the remaining time of the contract. For video conferencing services, image quality and maximum number of users may be limited for reasons beyond the control of the site owner. Each user data interface must meet the minimum requirements to enable video service.

Merchant information

The store also offers third-party products. Each seller has their own terms of sale and responsibility for the products they sell. The site owner strives to keep the sales practices and product quality in stores acceptable. In the event of a complaint, the seller in question must be consulted in the first instance and only then notified to the site owner if no agreement is reached. The name and order number of the seller must be entered on the contact form. The owner of the site may at most terminate the seller’s right to use the site to market their products.

All communications can be made in Finnish or English. The site owner uses the general terms “Online Training”, Global eLearning Platform, Video Conference, which reflect the services offered on en.edu.litelion.com, and are not brand names or registered trademarks.

Site owner information

Lite Lion Europe OÜ

Helgi tee 2A

75312 Peetri


Email. Contact form (info@litelioneurope.com)

Telephone +358 44 2608345 help desk 11-18 (UTC +1)


20% VAT, which is the Estonian VAT rate, is added for individual customers inside the EU to the product prices of the website. For companies, invoicing takes place as EU intra-Community sales, so the actual tax on the invoice is 0% (Except Estonian national companies). The company’s VAT0% invoices will be made manually in November 2020, then automatically.

Income tax

The parties acting as sellers in the transaction are independently responsible for declaring and settling their own income tax. The owner of the website does not act as an employer or subscriber in the trading of operators registered outside Estonia. A private seller is taxable only in their own country of residence.

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