Dream Destination

Dream Destination is a Digital Nomad Plan for bloggers, vloggers, and other most fun and fearless individuals who would like to share their life with the audience. Live stream, no time limit. 1 Gbit/s (shared), 300 G / month.


Up to 1000 active participants to interact with as well as unlimited passive followers. Vlogger’s dream!

You can also keep your web page with us. It’s free of charge.

The Plan includes:

1-1000 active participants

1-15 web-camera

300 GB data storage per month

eLearning Management System App

Own Web Store

Own web page (if you wish)

No conference time limits

Sign up for the Dream Destination for 69€ (initial one-time payment) + 295€ for the first month. Recruiting subscription for only 295€ per month. The subscription is valid for the booked period. You can cancel or prolong your subscription whenever you want.

15 webcams can be on simultaneously. This is a huge data package, so in some places of this Universe technical issues can interfere. We do our best to insure that your stream is smooth.

While we don’t stock any better pre-arranged plans, we will do our best to meet your increased requirements if the amount of active participants grow. Just let us know!

Professional LMS allows to prepare and schedule the upcoming events. And of course Own Web Store is free of charge!

Dream Destination, 69€/in + 295€/mo, 1-1000 active participants per live event. Registration in Web Store free of charge. No commission.

Dream Destination DigiNomad Plan

Dream Destination DigiNomad Plan

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