eLearn Together

eLearn Together is a Plan for individuals who would like to share the joy of learning. The Plan is also perfect for a class of peers, who would like to support each other after school and with their homework. 3h of live interaction per day. Up to 5 web-cams can be used simultaneously.

eLearn Together

The Plan includes:

3h of group meetings per day

1-25 active participants

1-5 web-camera

10 GB data storage

eLearning Management System App

Own Web Store

Sign up for the eLearn Together for 25€ (initial one-time payment) +25€ for the first month. Recruiting subscription for only 25€ per month. The subscription is valid for the booked period. You can cancel or prolong your subscription whenever you want.

For this Plan the following discounts apply: sign up for 6 months and get 10% discount; for 12 months – get 15% discount.

5 webcams can be on simultaneously. The plan can be easily upgraded if the amount of participant increases. LMS allows to prepare and schedule the upcoming events.

Bonus: Own Web Store free of charge!

eLearn Together, 25€/in + 25€/mo, 1-25 participants per live event. Registration in Web Store free of charge. No commission.

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