Light Education

Light Education

Light Education is an budget start up Plan for educational use.

Maintain your LIVE presence with up to 5 web-cams simultaneous stream. This package is flexible and easy to manage. In case the amount of participants grow, it is easy to order extra seats with “Extra seats pack”.

Give your business a boost interacting live with your clients! Perfect to keep your eCourses live. The LMS gives all necessary tools to make it completely professional.

The Plan includes:

1-30 active participants

1-5 web-camera

10 GB data storage per month

eLearning Management System App

Own Web Store

Sign up for this Light Plan for 15€ (initial one-time payment) + 29€ for the first month. Recruiting subscription for only 29€ per month. The subscription is valid for the booked period. You can cancel or prolong your subscription whenever you want.

For this Plan the following discounts apply: sign up for 6 months and get 10% discount; for 12 months – get 15% discount.

The plan can be easily upgraded if the amount of participant increases. LMS allows to prepare and schedule the upcoming events.

Bonus: Own Web Store free of charge!

Light Education, 15€/in + 29€/mo, 1-30 participants per live event. Registration in Web Store free of charge.

Order Light Education 15€/in + 29€/mo for 30 participants

Prolong Light Education for 30 participants 29€/mo

Light Education Extra Seats for 50 participants 29€/mo

Extra seats pack

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